Broadus Public Schools

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7-12 Grade Class Schedule

Regular Days
​1st Period     8:20-9:11

2nd Period   9:15-10:06

3rd Period    10:10-11:01

4th Period    11:05-11:55


5th Period    12:36-1:28

6th Period    1:32-2:24

7th Period    2:28-3:20

IPI (short) Days

​1st Period     8:20-9:03
2nd Period   9:07-9:50
3rd Period    9:54-10:37
4th Period    10:41-11:24
5th Period    11:28-12:05
6th Period    12:50-1:33
7th Period    1:37-2:20

Monday, April 24

SBAC Testing, 3-6 grade

Eva Kor Presentation, Miles City,
  7-12 grade

Tuesday, April 25

SBAC Testing, 3-6 grade,
6th Grade trip to Gillette

HS Track @ Colstrip

Wednesday, April 26

SBAC Testing, 3-6 grade

JV Golf @ Roundup

Academic Awards

Community Appreciation Day

Thursday, April 27

SBAC Testing, 3-6 grade

JH/HS Spring Concert, 7:00 

Friday, April 28

SBAC Testing, 3-6 grade

Golf @ Broadus

Saturday, April 29

Golf @ Baker

JH Track @ Miles City

HS Track @ Park City/Harlow

PO Box 500

500 North Trautman

Broadus, MT  59317

"Striving for Excellence Today to Prepare Students for a Challenging World Tomorrow."

Enrollment - 2016/17

     Elementary - 104

     Junior High - 30

     High School - 86

Elementary - 436-2637

High School - 436-2658

Fax - 436-2660

Weekly Activities

Attention Students – If you are enrolled in rigorous core, or are college bound - you should consider taking the final exam even if you don't have to.  A teacher has reported hearing from a student that has graduated from here that felt that she was unprepared for finals in college because she did not have to take them in high school.  Your class grade can't be lowered if you don't do well on the final if you are not required to take it, and do take it for the experience.  The class grade can be improved by a good semester test grade.

Monday, April 24



Fruit & Veggie Bar

Tuesday, April 25

Chicken Pot Pie

Mashed Potatoes

Fruit & Veggie Bar

Wednesday, April 26


Fruit & Veggie Bar

Thursday, April 27

Club Sandwich

Fruit & Veggie Bar

Friday, April 28

Corn Chowder

Fruit & Veggie Bar